I am the CEO of me, and so are you

I am a marvel.

The universe has incessantly mated itself senseless to give me life.

My body is the most complex robot wet machine ever conceived. It was created by millions of years of evolution, and uses trillions of parts to function. My body and mind are the tip of the spear, the greatest achievement of the entire natural world, and I am the sole commander within it. 

My mind is the central control center where I sit in my Star Trek commander chair. Here I control and see everything in the outside world the rest of my machine can not. Using my keen senses, observations and reasoning, I can bring to bareuniverse-me all my amazing capabilities and powers to the outside world.

When I find passion and purpose, I am unstoppable. I can focus like a laser to accomplish things the world has never seen.

I can cross the biggest ocean and reach the highest peak. I can create the finest art and music, heal sickness and end suffering. I can turn dry land into bountiful farms and move rivers or tunnel under them at will. I can build tall castles of metal and glass to the sky or fly and land on the moon. I can even send my presence using technology to reach the edge of the known solar system.

As omnipotent as I am, the commander can not avoid the results of mistakes or bad choices. Fail often enough, and my trillions of worker cells want mutiny. Depression, malnutrition, even a broken heart can kill me.

It is my responsibility as leader, to ensure I plot a course for success. I stay focused on good nutritional health and exercise, while using virtue and fairness as main guides.

Keep the fire of love and acceptance bright. Burn the daily oil of gratitude for being so lucky to have the command of such a fine marvel, this body and life.

Love yourself and everyone you meet. We are more the same than different.

I think Allan Lokos said it best: “Your actions are your only true belongings.”

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