Kerbal Space Program,  is one of the best new games to come out in over a decade. In fact, I would say when it comes to simulating space flight, KSP stands alone as a truly unique treasure.  An engineering simulator that focuses on creativity and freedom of trial and error. The user experience is so well done, it really feels like play instead of rocket science. In-game tutorials provide basic instruction. Online videos and forums have been created by a rich and active player community.

Geeks rejoice, the actual science is still there and you can get your full geek on with loads of amazing mods. I just can’t say enough about this game, the passion of the development team really shows in a product worthy of inspiring our next space explorers.

The official first release is now available. If you are even remotely interested in space flight and engineering, I strongly encourage you to purchase today. It is one of the best games ever made. I say this with a straight face and all sincerity.

I have been playing with beta versions for over a year and have had some of the best moments in my time gaming. After the first week with the game I was scouring YouTube and Netflix for all the old 60s films about the US Space Program. It turned me into a space junkie overnight. You will soon become intimate with propulsion, guidance and stabilization systems to name a few.

One thing I will promise. If you do decide to play, you may never look at actual space launch the same again.

Here are a few screenshots I took from my sessions. I had many others, including a few attempts landing on the Mun, (the Kerbal Moon) but you become so engrossed in playing I forgot to capture more screenshots ;-(




Satellite launch

Reaching orbit, deploy analog antenna to radio home

Full power

Deploy solar panels, voltage!

Start a space station!

Start a space station!



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