HTC Vive Development Workstation



I found working with a normal desk (even a side table) was uncomfortable, always worried I would drop or damage the hardware every dev/play cycle. It was too much stress for me.

Night and day difference, let me explain…

Dev Cycle Issues

  • Placing the headset down
  • impact to face, camera and overall vibration through the frame depending how hard you place on table
  • takes up a sizable amount of desk space, making awkward when you add monitor and keyboard
  • always the threat of hitting the wire, (dog/someone walking through) and pulling the headset off the table! 0.o
  • Controllers also a pain to store on desk without knocking around or having enough room.

I was thinking of having ceiling cables with auto re-tractors like a car garage, but that is a bit much..

For these reasons I came up with a simple solution using a monitor arm to good value:

  • Vive headstrap fits on a standard TV mounting brace which hugs the straps perfectly for a tight safe fit.
  • Safely store all hardware and can swivel out of way when I get up or need a break.
  • Ideal as no contact/damage to the HMD surface, frame or cameras
  • No impact storage, super easy when taking off to code again. Like a little VR Caddy.
  • Stress free, I can focus on the work again, not my hardware.
  • Supports both standing and sitting work configuration.
  • Added simple holder for controllers sealed the deal. In VR they are there waiting and in easy reach.

I cover the lenses with a black cotton cloth during coding or coffee breaks. I store the hardware back in the case after use. I only use this setup during dev and play.

I later added a simple long strap that is a game changer when handling and putting on/off.
I think I got it at trade show, but it has a little clip at the end. I use this to hold my $24 Sony fold-up headphones which works great when putting on /off.

I can slip on the headset, then fold the headphones down. No fishing for them hanging behind you etc..



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