Douglas Crockford

Serving as Yahoo’s JavaScript Architect and a member of the committee designing future versions of the most popular programming language, Douglas Crockford is the de-facto JavaScript Guru who has earned his respect in the industry.

Famous for exposing the JSON Data Exchange Format (single-handily saving millions from the torture of XML) and the development of jsLint, (the default JavaScript code quality tool), Douglas has spent over a decade working with and cataloging JavaScript’s good and bad parts. His work is widely tested and accepted. Learn from his mistakes and over 30 years of experience in the computer programming field. His talks are arguably some of the best on the subject.

JavaScript: The Good Parts

This is a must-see for anyone serious about JavaScript. Douglas Crockford from Yahoo does a superb job at distilling the best and worst of the language. As there is much confusion and opinions about JavaScript, this talk is sure to leave the viewer with a better, deeper understanding about one of the most used interpreted languages in the World.

Douglas Crockford: An Inconvenient API – The Theory of the DOM

Here, Mr Crockford takes us through the history and quarks of the DOM API and why it gives JavaScript a bad rap it does not deserve. This covers the fundamentals any Web developer should know about the deeper plumbing of the browser, HTML, DOM and JavaSript interaction. How the end-to-end pipeline works, from token parsing, render tree creation and reflow, you will learn what really happens in the browser when you load a page and how to be effective when developing responsive Web applications.

Crockford on JavaScript – Volume 1: The Early Years

Aside from another excellent talk about my favorite language, Mr Crockford returns to our roots with an important history lesson on computer systems and how we got here. I believe he does a great job laying out a brief history and the important milestones which lead to the Web and what we deal with today. Very unique and entertaining, taking the extra step to show how these historical decisions impact JavaScript giving the viewer a deep understanding of how we got here and why.

Crockford on JavaScript – Chapter 2: And Then There Was JavaScript

Continuing with his series, here Mr Crockford takes a closer look at the people and events that led to the actual birth of the language. How the bad parts made it in and what we are doing about them. He also mentions how many faults the language has will be corrected in ES5 (EcmaScript 5), the future of the language and why these improvements are so important.

Crockford on JavaScript – Act III: Function the Ultimate

From lambda to nomads, Mr Crockford breaks down how JavaScript eclipses Java and Python in object orientated properties and how prototypical OO is actually better and more pure from of Object based programming. This is another great talk that shows the programmer just how powerful the Browser’s language actually is.

Crockford on JavaScript – Episode IV: The Metamorphosis of Ajax

In part 4, Mr Crockford teaches us how the power of JavaScript was unshackled from the confines of a stateless HTTP protocol and ventured in to the new world of AJAX and responsive desktop-like application features. Another marvelous talk by the master, no serious Web dev should miss!

Crockford on JavaScript – Part 5: The End of All Things

In the last installment in the 5 part series, Mr Crockford takes a serious look security, performance and best practices moving forward.

Crockford on JavaScript – Level 7: ECMAScript 5: The New Parts

For those interested in all the goodies coming down the pipe in the next version of JavaScript, this is a detailed view of what to expect and why these changes were made.

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