Velocity: gold rush
Asteroids will aways stand out as a special game during my childhood. I spent hundreds of hours playing, so it is not so surprising it is the inspiration for a new type of game based on the same controls. In Velocity: gold rush, you play a space prospector who is on a mission to mine gold and other minerals from asteroids. Part of the challenge is the vastness of space compared to your small ship. It takes concentration, quick reflexes and an instinct for controlling the velocity of your ship to collect gold ore and avoid death.
Pushup Sound Counter iPhone App

I had the idea to use the proximity sensor of the iPhone to count pushups. You can focus on your breathing and proper form instead of counting. Place the phone on the floor under your chest and every time you complete a full pushup the phone will count for you. You will hear a sound every time a full push-up is completed giving you the right amount of feedback and motivation. Drums and cymbals sound every 10 giving you the incentive to keep going those last few to hear the sound of your success. It becomes very addictive.
FarmHero – an exclusive mash-up of Guitar Hero and Farmville
After witnessing the wild success of both Guitar Hero and Farmville, I started playing with the idea of mixing them together into something new. I wanted to combine fun parts that stand out of each game. I liked the timed selection of colored patterns from Guitar Hero, with economy and actions of farming. Play cycles through the player purchasing seeds, stratigically planting them, waiting for them to grow, then harvesting them at the right time and onced enough collected they can sell them at a profit. Crops grow by the cycle of the Sun at the top of the screen. Each time the Sun moves across the field all crops grow and change color. Crops grow at different rates based on their type. They also have different value at the market for sale so selecting and buying the right seeds, while also being fast enough to harvest all you plant before they die has a big impact on success of the farmer.This game does not use Flash or HTML5, just simple HTML, CSS and custom JavaScript library I developed. I ported the code using PhoneGap for the iPhone and iPad platforms.
Google Close Encounters – battle words as Space Invaders
What if a Google search turned into an alien invasion? I set out to try using only basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This project expands this demo into a full game using real content from user’s search results after a search is completed. The boss battle will include making each letter in the Google logo come alive and attack the player.
D&D iPad Dashboard
I created this iPad web-app to make playing Dungeons & Dragons board games faster and easier to keep track of character stats during battles. It uses simple HTML, CSS and JavaScript to provide the player a fast and easy way to select their character and attributes, select the monster you are attacking and roll with the click of the screen. Dice rolls are shown and resulting damage reflected for each character. Battles can be fought and health stats of each player is tracked for faster, dynamic play.

GTA V Mods:


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