HTC Vive A1-VR-MII Rifle



I used the packing material from the Vive box to make a padded stock and chin rest.


Vive A1-VR-MII RIfle

– Light weight overall, but heavy enough where it counts!
– Feels good when shooting
– Supports pump action rifles
– Easy access with sling
– Controllers sit deep, and slide out for fast reloading
– Completes the feel in H3
– First version with small modifications, suggestions welcome.

Home Depot <$14

– 1 black drainage pipe (pre cut to 2 feet) 1 inch x 2 feet
– 2 Long Radius TY junction. 1 1/2 white commercial grade Link to order
– 4 Trap adapters with collars 1 1/2 white commercial grade (twist and hold the TY)

Added extras

– Some black electrical tape
– 1 black belt

Unlike the other popular VR Rifle from the UK, this one is open source. You can build it yourself in a few mins with no tools or cutting needed.


The idea is to keep both controllers in a straight line when shooting and to make sure the tops of them are not covered so they can still see the lasers from Lighthouse. In this arrangement you can fire like a real rifle once up to your shoulder.


Here is a video of the original rifle from UK sold on Ebay that works the same way.