The Wall is Worth Nothing to Democrats

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This may seem obvious, but in second passing may reveal more about the current state of destructive politics than how they feel about a barrier. Given the history of failed immigration reform, and new opportunity Trump presents, is this really the way forward?

As Washington and the media bounce and sway to Trump’s Shutdown, only the astute will realize the enormous blunder the democrats are partaking in.

If you listen to current leaders and know recent history, you may have to rub your eyes and ears. The same folks have flipped on the issue. Democrats vigorously fought in 2009, 2012 for border security that included a barrier fence, voting for over $20B for security seems like another galaxy now. In fact during Obama’s admin they oversaw the “building of six hundred and thirty miles of border fence“, to the delight of Chuck Schumer at the time, which he can be seen here praising that fact and ensuring we do not treat illegal aliens the same as immigrants or Americans…


The shot they never took will reverberate in history.

The democrats argue there is no crisis on the border, that walls are immoral, and Trump is a monster for holding the federal government and workers hostage for his NAZI ambitions. Those that are more cynical will know this is simply posturing by ugly Hollywood as these are the same exact policies they themselves emphatically argued for using the same language President Trump is using now. Here is a reminder from recent history…


Where there is a wall, the border sees a lower instance of crime and illegal crossing. The same congressional leaders were arguing and fighting for increased border security that included barriers a few years ago for just these reasons, and are now treating the same policies they championed as something out of Germany in the 1930s.

The clear reality is, between DACA, legitimate asylum seekers, drugs pouring across the border murdering ~60,000 Americans a year (overdose is now the leading cause of death in America under 50), the democrats have a lot to barter with and noble work they could be doing here, but instead they want to continue fake DC politics.

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Most drugs come through ports of entry because they are not stopped today. Why should dealers spend money on planes or carrying across the border on foot when they can drive across using trucks. It is still a risk for them. When the ports are blocked using technology, they will seek other methods. So today drugs cross the ports and people cross the border. A combination of solutions to address both types of problems is required.screen shot 2019-01-23 at 4.23.41 pm



Even digging a tunnel, or climbing over a wall takes time, and risk that drones and surveillance can find. Less wall requires more border guards. There is a direct ratio between walls and number of guards needed. Fewer guards, more walls, more drones are the right combination all working together using each to strengthen the other.


A porous border is an open invitation for the worst to happen. Gangs are an epidemic in Mexico who now run whole sections of cities across the border, murdering lawyers, politicians and judges. These facts never come up during the nightly talking heads.

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The price not to do anything is to perpetuate an incentive the worst among us are taking advantage of. Coyotes, are paid human traffickers. They thrive in the wall-less border.

The drug gangs take this even further, by helping the Coyotes keep a stream of humans crossing to tie up the border guards while they run drugs in other areas.

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Children become a commodity. US Law can only hold them for 21 days, they take people across, then get arrested and released to do it again. They get drafted into gangs and live a life of crime.

If you are not into building barriers, then at least have policies revoked that entice people to walk hundreds of miles and cross the border illegally instead of crossing at ports of entry legally. Polices like sanctuary from the law, free housing, welfare, education and now in CA/NY free healthcare for trespassers using American tax payer dollars have been proposed.

When just years ago the same leaders spoke the truth with anger and resolve.


Trump may be a lot of things many can’t trust, but one you can is change. Instead of sipping drinks on a Puerto Rican beach with lobbyists, they should be camped out in front of the WH until this shutdown ends with tents, taking over space on the WH lawn, a constant reminder this is a real stand-off, not a political theater.. demanding they will negotiate with Trump, and give him the full $30B for the wall if he gives real concessions from the right, and fix the problem once and for all.



There is so much Nancy and Chuck could be extracting from Trump for a wall they claim doesn’t work anyway. And if that is the case, then is it not more immoral to refuse bartering with something that doesn’t work to help so many? Look at it this way, how much are they willing to pay to help fix the illegal immigration problem, a path to become legal Americans and pay their tax dollars instead of spending ours.. how much is it worth?

We spend $110 Billion a year on illegal aliens through welfare and other related programs. Would $30B for Trump’s wall not be worth giving them a path for citizenship that is legal and safe for our country?

Do Nancy and Chuck actually help immigrants and federal workers by refusing to spend $5B? Money we already spent during this shutdown already, to build a wall that “doesn’t work”, or time on a vacation beach laughing while colluding with lobbyist.

Who is really immoral here?



Update Jan 25 2019

I can see how some people might be disappointed that we don’t have funding secured for the wall yet, but making a clear negotiation deadline and paying furloughed workers wasn’t a concession, no matter what the MSM and concern trolls say.

Trump took the high road. He stayed in Washington DC while Democrats took vacations. He tried to compromise. He finally opened government back up so families wouldn’t suffer. Hopefully the American public sees this too.


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