A great Koan in Zen Buddhism: “Who is the great master, the magician that makes the grass green?”

Corn fields in Denmark

Fantastic insight from Robert Anton Wilson repeated here:

Who creates reality and our experience?

The word Yoga means “union”. Yoga comes from the same English root as the word “Yoke” or to bring two things hitched together. You need a human brain and the grass hitched together to make the Yoga, the greenness of the grass.

Many believe it is very hard to be a mystic, that you have to go through a lot of effort to realize your union with everything. But actually you are experience your union with everything all the time. Otherwise you would not be experiencing anything at all.

A group of photons leave the Sun, travel just short of a million miles to reach Earth where they fall onto a blade of grass. The grass absorbs some wavelengths and reflects others. Some of the reflected ones travel in your direction and enter the tiny hole that is your iris which acts as a filter only allowing some wavelengths (you can see) in. The photons finally end their epic journey as they are absorbed by your retina. Your retina gathers these signals (not unlike a digital camera chip) and converts them into an electric signal that travels to the vision center of your brain. Your brain then interprets the upside-down image and ads your own judgement as a final last step and then magically, you “see” the green grass. Insects and other animals don’t have the same shape and size iris so they can see different colors, or wavelengths of light we can’t and visa-versa. The greenness of the grass is more to do with how our eyes work, our nervous system than the grass alone.

YOU make the grass green. You make your highs and you make your lows. But you don’t do it alone. You are making it out of the union with the universe. So everything is a coincidence of contraries, a coincidence of you being there and the universe being there and everything is “one” at the same moment, because there is no green without the grass and there is no green without you.

The greenness is a transaction that ties you and the grass together. The world, in a way, is touching you by your eyes and retina. But what we see is as good as our equipment. If there are wavelengths of light we cannot perceive because of the shape of our eyes, are we seeing real reality?

Because of this, every perception is a gamble.

There is an infinite expanse of signals that are coming into our nervous system and being processed by our higher neural centers in the brain. We are all organizing and orchestrating this information according to our own particular life history, our genetic background, our early imprints, conditioning and learning, so we are all living in different worlds and on a fundamental level, it is amazing we can communicate at all.

You are the co-creator of the sights you see, the sounds you hear with your own impression of the universe. Our experiences are generated by us, we are not generating it out of nothing. Who we are generates it.

We are creating a reality tunnel we are experiencing from moment to moment, so there is a total unity between you and the universe whether you are aware of it or not.

The universe you live in is your creation. But we are not doing it consciously.

When you have seen the one that who makes the grass green it is like meeting your own father in a crowd, you have no doubt whatsoever.

Everything that gets into your brain affects your reality tunnel, your world view or your belief system (BS).

“The universe consists of a series of non-simultaneously apprehended events” – Buckminster Fuller

Any belief system or reality tunnel you have right is going to have to be revised and updated as you continue to apprehend new events later in time (not simultaneously)

You can’t apprehend, you can’t comprehend, you can’t perceive, you can’t understand the whole universe at once.

The universe is non-simultaneously apprehended.

We go through life minute by minute, second by second, day by day, we are never perceiving the same universe, if we are it is because we stopped paying attention. That’s why you get bored, you’re not paying attention.

We can’t apprehend the whole universe right now, past present, future, all spacetime. It takes nine years for signals to get here from Sirus even. Think how long it would take to get here from the other end of the universe, from the farthest galaxy.

So in terms of the theory of special relativity, it is not the same time everywhere so the universe is non-simultaneously apprehended. That means our knowledge at any particular time is part of the universe and tomorrow we will know more, maybe not much more, maybe a lot more who knows?

The truth is a lion, don’t defend it, set it free and it will defend itself. To be truly noble, is not to be better than your fellow man, it is to be better than your former self.

Man on donkey searching all over a town, north south east and west. Someone cries out, “What are you looking for?”. The man replies “My donkey!”

The donkey represents what everyone is looking for when they enter a mystic school, it is the answer to all the riddles of the universe, and you hunt for it North South East and West, and all the time it is carrying you around.

It is the human nervous system which takes out of the infinities of the universe, a reality tunnel that you create, that you consider reality, which is your own create that you think is the whole of the universe. Unless you went to a Sufi School or studied Zen Meditation or dropped LSD, then you realize the universe is more complicated than any map we can make of it.

Put the donkey on your back so you never forget that the master, the great magician that makes the grass green, who creates the whole of the universe you live in.

Mindfulness, a path to control

The past is gone and the future is fantasy. The only thing real is right now. Most people dwell in the past or worry about the future. These are critical for planning and survival, but quickly turn into misery if not checked and “Thinker obsession” takes over.

Given the state of the World, I can’t stop excessive thinking, I worry all the time, how do you make it stop?





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