360 Degree Fighter Jet Flight Experience.

Change the settings to HD then place your mouse over the movie, then left-click and drag to move your view. Welcome to the future. And yes, the plane is flying itself in formation.

Watching this, I can’t help but think ahead about how this can be used to extend what we think as normal video/content/movies. Burning houses, couple arguments, shootouts, there will be whole other mini-story Easter-eggs in future content. In the near future because of 360 video, we will always search new videos for hidden stories in the unseen background/angles.

It’s an amazing time to be alive!

History and Spirit of C and C++ – Olve Maudal

Great talk showing the history and birth of the most consequential languages/OS ever created. Learn the back story and maybe an appreciation for the scale of work done right the first time, especially considering their success and what they delivered is still helping driving new markets today.

From the web to google, to mobile devices, watches, and Smart TVs, our connected lives run on a C/Unix based foundation in many flavors and sizes.