SR-71 Blackbird Giant Remote Control Turbine Jet

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The Exploration and Exploitation of an SD Memory Card

An enlightening talk about the current state of the flash memory market and demonstrates a method for reverse engineering and loading code into the microcontroller within a SD memory card.

“You are not storing data, you are storing probabilistic approximation of your data” 

CoeLux: Artificial Skylight Creates Real Sunlight

It looks like the sun… but it isn’t. It’s a brand new type of artificial skylight called CoeLux which, for the first time, recreates the scientific process that makes the sky appear blue. It also creates an illusion of depth to make the ‘sun’ appear to be far above. Lux takes an exclusive look.

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Titanic: Fascinating Engineering Facts

Bill Hammack shares images and information found in a collection of engineering journal editions from The Engineer during 1909 to 1911. These publications show great detail of the actual construction process, including how they created the Titanic and its twin the Olympic at the same time. Fascinating details with examples of cunning ingenuity from a lost time.