Dial-Up Modem Sound Spectrogram

Pure nostalgia. There was always something satisfying to me when the handshake was over and the bandwidth increased at the end. The tones almost made every connection personal. “You’ve got mail!” was the original Internet adrenaline high. Looking back, it all seems so silly now.

Back from the days of CompuServe and Prodigy, the likes of 14.4 and 28kbs Modems. From a time long before broadband was affordable. Ah the early days.. When connecting to the Internet meant tying up your only phone line for hours. Back then the first multiplayer games like Diablo had a risk of a lurking family member.. Where in the heat of an intense battle, fighting a demon of hell in a dungeon, about to make the winning blow with your friends watching, when someone in your family picks up the phone in another room to make a call and crashes your connection.

Back when the time of day/night you tried to get online really mattered. A famous free shrug from Steve Case for every busy signal when trying to connect to AOL. I remember spending hours trying to configure a com port for that damn modem to get a dial tone. Those were the days.. Kids today with their fancy Google Fiber and WiFi, know nothing of the dread when hearing your modem step down and start over instead of connecting. Or the denial of a busy signal for the 20th time. Don’t even get me started on page load times..

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