Lithium Cell Phone Batteries have Enough Energy to Explode on Impact

This video is a good example of how powerful Lithium batteries can be when they short out. 

When you hit the battery, two things will happen

  1. You damage the sheets of lithium salts, causing the battery to short-circuit internally.
  2. You make a hole in the battery, causing a sudden depressurization

The short-circuit generates heat, allowing the Li to catch fire. The depressurization causes the (burning) Li to want to get out, generating an airflow, making it fly around. The two things combined are what that explosion is.

If you want an object that holds a lot of energy in a small place, there will be a way to let that energy release aggressively.


JIBO: The World’s First Family Robot

I wonder how much of this is vaporware.. Impressed with the simplicity of the design. They are able to convey a lot of emotion without being impacted by race, age or gender. The visual display blends well with the physical movement. This design gets around a lot of social/culture issues a face could have, while still being very effective. Looks like they spent a lot of time thinking it through. Imagine what Apple could do with this..

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