Billion Dollar Idea: iSports UHD VR Channel without Announcers

I believe the “native stadium experience” is where the future of sports and UHD 4k+ should go.

I remember a short time during the late 70’s/80’s, when the National Football League had parabolic microphones on the sidelines and would broadcast the live audio during the huddle and each play. They ultimately had to stop this practice due to cursing on the field, but those plays, the breathing and field talk, you can almost feel the hits with them.. I loved it. It taught me that even a little extra sound could create a more immersive experience.

iSports, be there, without being there. Is that not what it’s all about?

Possibly the next Netflix paradigm game changer, UHD Stadium Sports Virtual Presence is where the industry seems headed.

We took the money we saved by not hiring celebrity announcers and invested in top engineers to build the best interface and UHD signal. We then developed APIs to ensure our platform can be enjoyed from the whole spectrum of form factors, from Smart Watches and Mobile Phones up to full motion tracking VR. The Oculus Rift and explosion of the Cloud showed us what the real future will be like–and we have taken great care to position ourselves to be there and make it happen. What we believe, above all else is UHD+ VR will be the next great event in the history of the industry. We love sports the way it was meant to be enjoyed, the day, the players and the field.. Let’s do it in full UHD glory, with the best signal and interface possible… There are others coming into the market that have a traditional business model focused on advertisement revenues and announcer celebrities….We believe that if you built it, they will come. We are fanatical about bringing the best sports entertainment experience to our customers without ads, for a Netflix subscription price.

After all the UHD and signal quality issues are said and done, who wants commercials and someone talking over it?! – iSports CEO

 “iSports Channel” The Interactive Sports Channel

I see a huge market for a new cable channel that not only broadcasts in 4k, 60FPS, but is the only source of sports without announcers. Instead it should be interactive interface for your TV with integration with your mobile phone. You can get any live stat, about any player or play. Replays, interviews with players before game, previous game plays with same player, even tie into Fantasy Football profile.

Watch the game at the same time on your tablet from above the field looking down with full integration with your television. Click on any player on the tablet, for real-time stats and mic on the TV alongside the game.

Next will be those zip-line cameras, they will keep getting smaller and more nibble (maybe even drone tech one day), I could see the best “box-seats” in the future of UHD TV becoming a Personal 4k zip-line, where the customer pays tens of thousands to have real time control of a live camera during games for the ultimate tele-presence experience.

It will not stop there, new stadiums will be constructed with the tele-presence in mind. See the game from any seat in the stadium, from bleachers, down to the field and over the players. Stadiums could make a fortune selling the access to their cameras and network.

The future of sports can be very bright, if the right people realize how to adapt in the coming ultra-high definition future.

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