Autonomous Real-Time Fire Response. The Smart Fire Safety Drone (SFSD)

After witnessing a house fire in my neighborhood, I started thinking about how to improve fire response systems. What follows is an idea I have to use some of the technology found in drones we use to take lives, into features that can help save them.

Fire in a home or building can cause property damage and death. Fire response is dependent on available resources on the scene, including fire extinguishers and arriving fire response teams. Large buildings and businesses are outfitted with custom installed sprinkler systems. These are by far the most effective but require expensive installation, mostly at the time the building is being constructed.

 Most homes and structures do not have sprinkler systems. Fire extinguishers can be heavy and hard to use by some individuals without training. Others may not have access or be able to lift or operate some models. Absent a sprinkler system, fast response is required. This includes someone conscious and armed with a method to stop the fire. Without effective fire response, seconds and minutes can mean life or death.

What is needed is a small, compact system that anyone can own to protect a given area automatically. An autonomous sentry unit that can monitor and protect a given size room and actively monitor conditions, instantly responding when fire is detected. Automatic delivery of extinguishing agent in line of sight up to specified distance will be applied in the event of detected combustion.

Using sensors including thermal and chemical, both fire and smoke can be detected. The system will be smart enough to tell the difference between useful combustion (stoves, matches and cigarettes) and hazards, reporting all emergency events via text message alerting owners by mobile device and email. Local response authorities are also contacted automatically.

Onboard environment systems will allow the property owner a view into the protected area via HD camera and video telephony connection. Owners can monitor their property remotely as the unit is actively extinguishing the fire in real-time. Backup power lasts for 15 mins after power has been lost at the installation property. A recording is created in every case of fire response for later viewing by property owner and transfer to any storage device via SD card.

Onboard microphones are able to pick up any individuals in distress and relay this via text alert and Skype connection using victim detection algorithm which can parse distress and human voices. This information is included when contacting authorities.

Commercial applications include business and home markets. The Smart Fire Safety Drone (SFSD) can be constructed to fit target audiences.

Baby Nursery

Protect newborns from threat of fire or smoke with a SFSD using age appropriate exterior. A stuffed elephant may be a good design when installed in a nursery. Many millions of parents already rely on electronic devices in aiding the care of their children.  SFSD can include baby monitoring via mobile phone or tablet devices.  Like other products marketed for the baby nursery (Diaper Genie), a Smart Fire Sentry Drone Nursery edition could become a staple part of any modern American baby nursery.

Some other examples include:

  • Live animal proprietors who care for livestock within indoor environments. Pet stores and Kennels.
  • Firework corporations who travel with explosives and store them offsite during customer display installations.
  • Home garages.

Any situation where fire is a constant threat and or extremely destructive in the event of combustion.

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