Acrobatics of STAR.V3

3D printing is a game changer. This is an amazing biomimetic robot that has a unique sprawl angle control, matching that of a giant Cockroach it seems to be just as nimble and effective.

In this video, the robot sprawls down and goes under a door then sprawls back up effortlessly like any bug. It is also shown mounting and clearing an obstacle by shifting its center of gravity in real time using a feedback loop of trial and error until the sweet-spot is found and it could continue. The resemblance to nature was so uncanny, it became creepy. It can run at speeds up to 5.2m/s (43 body lengths per second).

The robot was designed by David Zarrouk, Andrew Pullin, Nick Kohut and Ronald Fearing at the Biomimetic Millisystems Lab, UC Berkeley. (Reference: ICRA 2013)

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