Trimming Trees using a Helicopter

I would like to hang out with the guys that came up with this as a solution. They can’t possibly be real engineers. I imagine it wouldn’t take much to snag the load and have instant crash landing. Seems to me dull blades could be a death sentence.

Here is another video that is the perfect example of just how fast things can go wrong. Here the load cable was slack and brought into the blades causing catastrophic failure. The pilot survived.

Cymatics – Bringing Matter To Life With Sound (Part 1 of 3)

Cymatics to me is like peeking over God’s shoulder. I can’t help but imagine that sound, (vibration itself) at a fundamental level, has more to do with creating the beautiful shapes we find in nature than we would like to believe.

Uncanny how much it looks like spinning galaxies at 5:49 and I have noticed other shapes that resemble many patterns found in nature. Even Super String Theory, the closest we are to a unified understanding of the quantum and Newtonian physics is based on vibrating string models.

Part 2

Part 3